let's back-pedal

So I wanted to start with telling all of you why I am doing this.

May 2009: I got the talk from my dad. No not the ‘bird and the bees’ talk, but the talk that my family would be relocating to good ‘ol frog hunting, fire-fly catching, 800 people towns Kansas. KANSAS! Why Kansas. I mean come on! No offence to the people who live there, but coming from California, Kansas is B-O-R-I-N-G. As soon as the words “We’re moving to Kansas” came out of his mouth the tears started flowing. The next thing he told me was that I had the option to stay since I was 18 and they couldn’t force me to go. Well I thought about it and thought about it and in the end decided to stay. I knew that it wouldn’t be easy and that I would miss my family but what 18 year old wouldn’t want to live on her own in CA? The only thing bad about staying?Seeing my dads face when I told him I would be staying here. Absolutely heart breaking!

June 2009:  By now I had moved into my friends parents house who had so graciously let me stay with them until I found a place and got on my feet. Then IT was here. The moving truck. Packed and Ready. WORST day of my life. Cue the water works. I don’t think there was a dry eye on the cul-de-sac! Saying goodbye has always been hard for me no matter what kind of goodbye but saying goodbye to my baby brother Zach, my little buddy (my whole family for that matter), had to be one of the worst things I have ever had to do. Then they took off leaving my dad (who would follow in a week or two) and myself standing in the driveway of our once filled house. Tears still going.

July-October 2009: FREEDOM! Parties every night! Meeting new boys! and of course bills for the first time in my life. I had the absolute time of my life (and still am) but everytime I called to see how my family was Zach just could not talk to me which tore me apart.

October 2009 -Now: I moved in with neighbors from the cul-de-sac who had moved into the Harveston community in my hometown where we still reside. They are the closest thing I have to family out here! I love them like family and totally appreciate everything they have done for me in my hard time. My mom and grandma still live in Southern California but they live a few towns away and my job is in Temecula so I needed to stay close.

So that is my story up until now! In my posts to come I’ll back track a little more so we are all caught up.

So Cal love,

California Girl ❤


2 responses to “let's back-pedal

  1. Not sure how respond, other than it was one of the worse days for me also. Pulling Maisie out of the car as she was screaming and crying and clutching Payton is burned into my soul.

    We love you and love having you with us too 🙂

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