Telling is easy. Listening is hard.

Why is it that when your down in the dumps the words “it will get better” don’t seem to make sense, but they are the first words out of your mouth when a friend is hurt?

“You will find someone better.”

“This just means you were not meant to be.”

These are the words I was told over and over for the past week to make me feel better. When you are stuck on someone these are the last sentences you want to hear. Yet, these are the exact words that I am telling my best friend.  We say them because we know they are true. There are others out there.

Why am I not slapping myself in the face right now! I’m telling this to you and her and I’m living my life wishing I was with the guy I just lost. What a gigantic hypocrite. It’s hard to move on but easy to tell people to move on. I do know that there are other guys out there but until I find them I will be living my life as a hypocrite.

Honestly, what other words are there to tell someone who has lost someone they cared so much about? I would do anything to see her happy but since I can’t take a guy and make him love her this is about all I can do. She did this for me and I do this for her.

When your friend is down tell them it will be alright and remember to listen to your friends when they tell you the same thing. There are other fish in the sea.

So Cal love,

California Girl ❤


2 responses to “Telling is easy. Listening is hard.

  1. I understand completely what you’re feeling! I was with a guy for 10 years, engaged for 2 (insane for a 22 year old right?!?!) and eventhough I ended it, I still hated hearing people try to make me feel better.

    It amazes me how some people are full of wonderful advice and their own lives are like tornadoes. Just remember it’s yours to deal with how you want to, and nobody is going to be able to tell you how to handle yourself.

  2. It is not a simple matter being a friend in these situations.
    I never much esteemed, i’m a charming boy, I had many women in my life and when I lost a woman I thought so there were thousands of other. I never needed friends.
    Now I am alone.
    Always gives a smile to friends around you, even if you know that they say sentences already written.

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